RFM990-AUS32 Digital Refractometer

RFM990-AUS32 Digital Refractometer

Part No: BS22-71

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The RFM990-AUS32 is an extremely high accuracy Refractometer specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of the chemical manufacturing industry.

Of particular interest is it’s compliance with the strictest of ISO procedures in relation to the manufacture of Diesel Exhaust Fluids, such as AUS and Adblue®.

ISO22241-2 dictates the highest level of measurement must be achieved under the tightest limits of temperature control. The RFM990-AUS32 is the only refractometer on the market that complies in terms of refractive index and temperature measurement/control specifications. In addition, the instrument is fitted with specific Urea scales and temperature compensation, so even the slightest movement in temperature will be corrected. 

Being part of the RFM900 series of refractometers, user of the RFM990-AUS32 will also benefit from other unique features such as RFID user identity/clearance, significant on-board data storage, calibration audit trails and a methods system that makes changing instrument parameters a simple two-button process.

• Conforms to ISO 22241-2
• Highest accuracy (±0.00002 RI)
• Highest stability (±0.01 °C)
• Peltier temperature control
• Urea Scale
• Urea temperature compensation
• Kalrez® gasket
• IP65 housing
• Low maintenance LED light source
• RFID user identity/clearance
• Audit Trails
• 700 stored Results

• High accuracy CRM’s
• Enhanced Protection Packs
• Printers
• Interface cables
• Flow cells

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PDF's  RFM900-AUS32 Refractometer RFM900-AUS32 Refractometer
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