Custom Blends

We offer custom blending and manufacture of standards for various applications, including Density, Total Acid Number (TAN), Total Base Number (TBN) & Sucrose Refractive Index standards. If your requirement falls outside of our normal product range we can offer custom manufacture.


Viscosity Testing

If you have a requirement for different temperatures or viscosity values we may be able to offer you a solution. We also offer highly competitive rates for viscosity standard bulk blending where customers wish to have a supply of carefully prepared and guaranteed homogeneous Newtonian materials for use on a daily or high frequency basis.

There are many packaging options; from easy to use 100mL bottles for highly viscous materials where heating is necessary to load samples, to 2500mL safe-break Winchesters for use "on plant" with in-line viscometers.

See our range of custom blends in stock. Our Standard blends are available here.

For any of the above please contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a no obligation quotation.