Fuels Testing Standards

Paragon Scientific’s range of Fuels Testing Certified Reference Materials are for the verification of laboratory instruments used in testing petroleum and derivative products. This includes, but is not limited to, the analysis and measurement of: Aromatics content, Acidity content, Aniline Point, Benzene content, Cetane Number, FIA Aromatics, Motor Octane Number, Research Octane Number, Vapour Pressure (DVPE) and Smoke Point.

Paragon’s range of Fuels Testing Certified Reference Materials includes products which are certified to and manufactured in strict accordance and compliance with ISO 17034 under our UKAS accreditation. Please refer to the “Certification” column in the data tables in each of the links below. Paragon’s ISO 17034 Certified products are at the highest level of CRM certification and integrity and offer total test method compliant data coupled with high confidence of analyser performance.

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