Flash Point Standards

Flash Point Certified Reference Materials are for the verification of laboratory instruments used in testing petroleum and derivative products for Flash point according to IP 170, ASTM D56, ASTM D92, and ASTM D93.

Paragon Flash Point Certified Reference Materials include products which are dual certified to BS EN ISO / IEC 17025 and manufactured in strict accordance and compliance with ISO 17034:2000 (Reference Material Producer No 4589) under our UKAS accreditation. Please refer to the “Certification” column in the table below. These products are at the highest level of CRM certification and integrity and offer total test method compliant data coupled with high confidence of analyser performance.

  • Manufactured in accordance with ASTM /  IP test method protocol
  • Dual certified BS EN ISO / IEC 17025  & ISO 17034 products available
  • Certified by Round Robin Method by independent test laboratories.
  • Tested exclusively by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories for ISO 17034 CRM's
  • Ensures good interlaboratory correlation
  • Supplied in tamper evident UN compliant security pack
  • Pack size 250mL or 3 X 80mL dependent on product type.
  • 12 months shelf life


For Secondary Working Standards  (SWS)  as specified in ASTM D92 & ASTM D 93 click here

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