Pensky Martens Flash Point

UKAS Certification Logos

Paragon ISO 17025 / ISO 17034 certified PMCC Flash Point Standards are tested and certified in accordance with ASTM D93 'Standard Test Method for Flash Point by Pensky Martens Closed Cup Tester - Procedure A'. Procedure A is applicable to distillate fuels - diesels, bio-diesel blends, kerosene, heating oil, turbine fuels and lubricating oils. These UKAS certified standards are specifically designed to be used for regular instrument performance checks. Packed uniquely in 3 x 80mL 'single shot' bottles assuring the highest level of sample integrity. An economical, time saving addition to any laboratory concerned with the generation of valid analytical test data. Typically used in, but not limited to, the analysis of petroleum products with flash points above 40°C and below 360°C.

  • Certified according to ISO 17025 / ISO 17034 under UKAS accreditation
  • Packaged in 3 X 80mL bottles
  • One bottle per test ensures zero contamination / high end volatile loss
  • Fully traceable to International Standards
  • Supplied with MSDS
  • Tamper evident security packaging
  • 12 Month shelf life
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom


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