Oil RI standards

Refractometer Calibration

Calibration Oils are one of the most commonly used materials for calibrating refractometers as they have good traceability, particularly to NIST. Having a high temperature co-efficient, Calibration Oils are best used where strict temperature control is adopted either by Peltier or external waterbath between 10 and 75 °C as well as with refractometers operating at ambient by making use of supplied tables or an RI/°C Temperature Calculator as long as the prism temperature is reliably known.

Calibration Oils are commonly used within the food, beverage, sugar, pharmaceutical, petro-chemical and chemical industries as well as in specialist high temperature applications such as confectionery manufacturing and edible oil blending, where evaporation of other CRMs such as water or sucrose during calibration is of concern.

Calibration Oils are supplied in multi-packs of 5 x 5ml bottles with a Certificate of Calibration, SDS and pipettes and have an expiry date 12-months from date of dispatch.


The reported expanded uncertainty of measurement is stated as the standard uncertainty of measurement in units of Refractive Index (RI) multiplied by the coverage factor k=2, which for a normal distribution corresponds to a coverage probability of approximately 95%. The standard uncertainty of measurement has been determined in accordance with publication EA-4/02.

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