Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA (ASTM D1209) Colour Reference

Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA Colour (ASTM D1209) Colour Reference Standards are for routine calibration of colour measuring instruments and verification of test data. Process industries throughout the world use colorimeters for colour control of products such as edible and industrial oils, fuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints and coatings.

Manufactured and certified by The Tintometer Limited, each standard is issued with a Certificate of Calibration which confirms that the product has been manufactured and tested under the control of Tintometer's ISO 9001 Quality Management System and conform in all respects with the stated standard or test method.

  • Certified under ISO 9001 Quality system.
  • Full Traceability to International Standards.
  • 500mL Pack Size supplied with MSDS
  • 12 months shelf life.
  • Tamper evident security packaging.
  • Manufactured in the United kingdom.
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