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The Model F is a visual colorimeter designed to optimise the use of Lovibond® glass filters inorder to express colour in terms of Lovibond® Red, Yellow, Blue and Neutral.

It is arranged with two adjacent fields of view, seen through the viewing tube, so that the product in the sample field and a white reflective surface in the comparison field are observed side by side, suitably illuminated.

The Lovibond® glasses are introduced into the comparison field by a simple system of sliding racks, allowing the user to compare the colour of light which is either transmitted through or reflected from the sample with that transmitted through the glasses.

A series of neutral glasses in racks is also supplied; these can be introduced into the sample field to dull the colour of products which are too bright to obtain a good colour match using Lovibond® Red, Yellow or Blue glasses. The racks are varied until a visual colour match is found for the light from the sample and its colour can then be expressed in Lovibond® units.

We are the only company that can guarantee, accurate, validated Lovibond® RYBN Colour readings.

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Lead Time 4 - 6 Weeks
Dimensions cm (WxDxH) 33.0 X 41.0 X 23.0
PDF's  Conformance Filters<br />
Conformance Filters
 Understanding Off Hue<br />
Understanding Off Hue
 Whats In The Box?<br />
Whats In The Box?
 PFXi Range Enhanced Features<br />
PFXi Range Enhanced Features
 PFXi - Sample Printer (CTS2000)<br />
PFXi - Sample Printer (CTS2000)
 RCMSi<br />
 RCMSi Poster V5.1 RCMSi Poster V5.1
Shelf Life N/A
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