Eclipse Refractometer: Antifreeze/Battery Acid 0 to -40°C

Eclipse Refractometer: Antifreeze/Battery Acid 0 to -40°C

Part No: BS45-44

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Hand-held refractometers are low-cost, portable instruments used for 'on the spot' determination of Refractive Index (RI) of liquids or the concentration of solutions. Offering a choice of scales, Eclipse refractometers can be used in a multitude of applications across many and varied industries.

Type                                              Range           Division
Antifreeze - °C protection     0 to –40           5
               - Battery acid SG  1.1-1.35        0.05 

  • Special features make measurements easy and reliable
  • simple zero adjust with lock
  • comfortable eyepiece with smooth adjustment
  • shaded field of view for comfort and distinction
  • high precision, clear scale
  • easy-clean prism
  • unique sample 'dribble' feature
  • hand-grip for comfort and insulation
  • low weight
  • anti-roll supports
  • push-on prism flap
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Lead Time 2-4 Weeks
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Shelf Life N/A
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