E-Line ATC Refractometer: Glycol Heat Transfer (0-70 EG/PG % vol/vol)

E-Line ATC Refractometer: Glycol Heat Transfer (0-70 EG/PG % vol/vol)

Part No: BS44-820

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The E-line ATC range of hand held refractometers are ideal for use in beverage, confectionery, jam and other ‘sugar’ applications as well as for calculating concentration or blend ratios in industry such as antifreeze, coolants and quenchants.

The instruments are particularly suited for testing semi-solid substances such as apples, melons, grapes sugar beet and potatoes during the harvest period in order to establish fruit ripeness. Juice from the product may be squeezed onto the prism surface or alternatively a slice 2mm thick may be placed on the prism surface for direct reading of sugar content.

The instruments feature an internal device that corrects for temperature (ATC) making the measurement fast and accurate. The device will automatically take into account any difference in temperature over the range 10-30°C from the industry standard reference temperature of 20°C.

Description                                   Range                  Scale Division
Glycol Heat Transfer Model
EG/PG °C Protection             0 to -50°C                 5°C
EG/PG % vol/vol                   0 to 70%                  5.0 

• Low Cost
• Selection of ranges
• Temperature compensated
• Not sealed allowing for cleaning of internal optics*
• Hard case supplied
• 12 months warranty

*by qualified person – warranty may be invalidated

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Lead Time 2-4 Weeks
Shelf Life N/A
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