ADP440+ Polarimeter

ADP440+ Polarimeter

Part No: BS37-40

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The ADP440+ is single wavelength, high accuracy polarimeter suitable for use in many applications and is especially suited for use in pharmaceutical laboratories where compliance with Pharmacopoeia¹ is required. New optics featuring a ‘no maintenance’ yellow LED and interference filter together with a photodiode detector allows reading of samples of up to 3.0 OD. The instrument has both angular and sugar scales (ISS) and can be programmed with user scales as well as industry standard methods for displaying concentration and specific rotation directly.

ADP440+ - Operation
As the instrument is continually reading, all that is required is for the operator to place the sample tube in the measurement chamber and read the result. Four push buttons on the instrument keypad allow for MENU setup, ZERO calibration, METHOD selection (or display MODE if no methods are being used) and PRINT. A security system using passwords protects against deliberate or accidental misuse, which can be expanded to allow conformance with the technical requirements of FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11. User Acess is provided by keypad entry or RFID user assigned ‘tags’.

The ADP440+ continually displays the measured reading, providing the operator assurance of measurement and sample stability. Data handling is in accordance with GLP providing a record of measurement date, time, batch and operator numbers.

On-screen menus in English, French, Spanish or German are selectable.

Where sample temperature is critical, optional polarimeter tubes fitted with a water jacket may be used in place of standard glass tubes. The instrument temperature sensor may be placed in the centre arm of the tube and if required, sugar or a user defined temperature compensation may be adopted.

ADP440+ – Sugar Purity Method
When used in the sugar industry, the ADP440+ may also form the central hub of a purity system, providing the measurement of a Saccharimeter. In the ‘purity mode’ the instrument will calculate and display ‘sugar purity’ with Brix values being input automatically from an RFM² refractometer or via the simple keypad. For rapid measurements, funnel and flow through cells are available and require the use of specially suited slotted lids.

ADP440+ - Calibration
The instrument can be checked and calibrated using a quartz control plate by accessing the span facility in the setup menu. If a sample is too dark, the instrument will display an error message.


  • Multiple scales
  • Temperature display
  • Optical density display
  • Temperature compensation
  • LED/Interference filter
  • Parallel printer port
  • RS232 x 2 (refractometer/PC/barcode)
  • Barcode reader
  • High resolution LCD display
  • Conforms to USP/EP/BP/JP

Software Features:

  • RFID User identity
  • GLP software (date/time/batch)
  • 21CFR Part 11 audit trail
  • Calibration audit trail
  • Purity methods (Saccharimeter)
  • Specific rotation methods
  • Tabular View Statistics
  • Over 700 stored readings

Optional Extras:

  • Funnel & flow tubes
  • Low volume tubes
  • Water-jacketed tubes
  • Waterbaths
  • Slotted lids
  • Quartz control plates
  • PC software: remote/LIMS

1. Minimum requirement of EP/BP/JP/USP. 21CFR Part II
2. RFM700/340/800 only


 AngularISS (°Z)
Range -355 to + 355 selectable -225 to +225
Resolution 0.01/0.001 0.01/0.001
Reproducibility 0.002 0.005
Accuracy ±0.01 ±0.03
Methods Specific Rotation, Purity, % Concentration, % Invert Sugar, % inversion
Light Source LED/Interference filter (589nm)
Beam Diameter 4 mm
Tube Length 20 to 220 mm
Reading Time 4 – 30 seconds (selectable)
Temperature 5-40 °C
Temperature Compensation None, sugar, quartz, user defined
Optical Density Range 0.0 to 3.0 OD
Interfaces 2 x RS232, parallel printer port
Power Supply External 90-250V~, 50-60 Hz. Supplied with instrument


Order CodeDescription
37-40 ADP440+ digital polarimeter supplied with one centre filling tube (200mm), pack of three RFID tags, instruction manual and certificate of conformity.
22-071 RFID Tags – pack of 3
22-072 RFID Tags – pack of 10
36-77 Centre fill, water jacketed polarimeter tube – 100mm (requires slotted lid 37-010)
36-78 Centre fill, water jacketed polarimeter tube – 200mm (requires slotted lid 37-009)
34-20 Quartz Control Plate: 100 °Z (34.6 °A)
34-21 Quartz Control Plate: 15 °Z (5.2 °A)
34-22 Quartz Control Plate: -30 °Z (-10.4 °A)
34-241 Temperature sensor saddle for QCP
36-57 100mm water jacketed funnel flow cell (requires slotted lid)
36-67 100mm water jacketed continuous flow through cell (requires slotted lid)
36-68 200mm water jacketed continuous flow through cell (requires slotted lid)
37-011 Slotted lid for 200mm flow through/funnel water jacketed cell
37-012 Slotted lid for 100mm flow through/funnel water jacketed cell
35-62 Spare low strain cover glasses for flow type cells – 22.5mm (pack of 2)
35-66 Spare rubber washers for flow type cells – 22.5mm (pack of 2)
35-67 Spare end cap for flow type cells (pack of 2)
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