ADP410 Polarimeter

ADP410 Polarimeter

Part No: BS37-10

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Since 1996, the ADP range of polarimeters has become one of the world's most popular general-purpose automatic polarimeters. Building on the experience gained over the past decade of polarimeter design, Bellingham + Stanley continue the tradition by introducing the ADP410, incorporating up to date technology and delivering a high quality instrument at an affordable price. The ADP410 provides all the measurement performance of its predecessor, the ADP220, but with less software features.

The instrument is housed in a rugged chemical resistant case making it suitable for use in factory environments as well as in the laboratory. Different types of tubes are available depending on the application, including those manufactured of glass in a variety of lengths and style, as well as water-jacketed tubes for temperature controlled work and flow tubes for autosampler and funnel feed applications. The latter two types may require the use of specially suited lids.

Operation is very simple by way of four graphically identified push buttons including scale and compensation selection, zero calibration and the displaying of optical density and temperature. Results are shown on a bright LED display and may be printed via an RS232 interface.

Temperature compensation can be achieved from a single sensor, which can measure either the temperature within the sample chamber or, when placed in the centre-filling arm of the measurement tube, the temperature of the actual sample.

The sample reading value and optical density are alternately displayed by repeatedly pressing the READ key. The instrument can be checked and calibrated using quartz control plates by accessing the span facility in the setup menu. If a sample is too dark, the instrument will display an error message.

An LED and narrow band interference filter provides illumination of the sample and requires no maintenance.


  • Dual scale
  • Temperature display
  • Optical Density display
  • Temperature compensation
  • LED/Interference filter
  • RS232 (print/PC)
  • Bright LED display
  • Easy operation

Optional Accessories:

  • Flow tubes
  • Water-jacketed tubes
  • Slotted lids
  • Quartz control plates
  • Printers


  Angular (°A) ISS (°Z)
Range –90 to +90 –225 to +225
Resolution 0.01 0.01
Accuracy ±0.02 ±0.05

Specification Description
Light Source LED/Interference filter (589.3nm)
Beam Diameter 4mm
Max. Tube length 220 mm
Reading Time 15 Seconds
Temperature 5-40 °C
Temperature Compensation None, sugar, quartz
Optical Density Range 0.0 to 2.0 OD

Order Code Description
37-10 ADP410 digital polarimeter supplied with one centre filling tube (200mm), instruction manual and certificate of conformity.
34-20 Quartz control plate 34 °A / 100 °Z
34-21 Quartz control plate 5 °A / 15 °Z
37-009 Slotted lid for 200mm centre fill tube with water jacket
37-010 Slotted lid for 100mm centre fill tube with water jacket
37-011 Slotted lid for 200mm flow type tube with water jacket
37-012 Slotted lid for 100mm flow type tube with water jacket
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Lead Time 2 - 4 weeks
Size N/A
Shelf Life N/A
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