Abbe 60/ED Refractometer

Part No. BS10-04


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Abbe 60/ED Refractometer

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  • Abbe 60/ED Refractometer

Product Description

The high accuracy range of Abbe 60 models are designed for use with monochromatic light sources such as the sodium and spectral source range available. A computer program (Windows-based) for conversion of scale readings to refractive index (RI) or Brix (Sugar %) is supplied with each instrument. With good temperature control and use of the micrometer Vernier Scale, an average accuracy of ±0.00004 RI can be achieved across the specified measuring range. Temperature can be controlled by use of a water bath and circulator; prism temperature can be read from the digital display on the instrument.

The high accuracy Abbe instruments offer a dispersion measurement capability: 400 - 700 nm.

The high accuracy Abbe 60 refractometers offer sample illumination by way of reflected light, allowing easier measurement of non-homogenous and opaque samples that are difficult to read under the conventional ‘transmitted’ illumination.

High Accuracy Abbe 60 Refractometers are ideal for use in research and development, quality control and other industrial laboratories where the highest accuracy and precision is often sought. The Abbe 60/ED conforms to the requirements of ASTM D1218 and is used widely throughout the petroleum industry.

The instruments come complete with digital thermometer, traceable standardisation plate and contact liquid, power supply, sodium D line calibration tables, plastic cover and instructions for use.

Refractive Index Range  1.30-1.74 (589 nm)
The working temperature range for these instruments is from +5 to 75°C

• LED Sample Illumination
• LED Scale Illumination
• Transmitted/Reflected Light
• Solid Samples

Additional Information

Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
Dimensions cm (WxDxH)44 x 37 x 29
Hazardous Product?No
ManufacturerBellingham + Stanley Ltd
Gross Weight (Kg)6.3000